Monday, 7 June 2010

Why I Cant Get anything done...fuck!

Been ages since I wrote on here and I've missed it so i'm back!

Loads of reasons why I havent blogged in ages, some i want to go into in a seperate article with some pics etc of my experiences shooting a film in Cuba, The play tour I've just been on but the main reason Its took me so long is this blog has been on my list of things to do for ages and that's the problem, I have a list. A Loooooooong list.

Not because I have a particularly demanding lifestyle or job (I do have that -at times!) Its because I am a self aware procrastinator. I'm a person that knows I put things off to do things far less but more instantly gratifying. Instead of sitting and making all the phone calls or sending the letters I have a tendency to watch an hour or three of Youtube.

Its ok when I'm watching a film or something as I can put it down to "Research" but when i find myself watching 15 videos of Boris Johnson making a dick of himself I have no excuse. Although that's a bad example, there is always a reason to watch Bo Jo.

So This habit of mine comes down to the fact I have too many things to do and not enought time to do them, and that's because I never get to completing any one of them as as soon as Im 5 minutes into the previous cunting task my brain has decided to move onto the next one, leaving me in a sort of desperate overwhelmed feeling! (This is a pic of my desk as evidence)

So a 'lil monkey advised me (and I quote) ;

"maybe try making one list not 17 bits written on yellow post its. and only try completing like 3 tasks a day youre always like today im gonna sort out contracts for something, clean my entire flat, email the world and his wife about stuff, pay bills, cure cancer and find a new energy source humans can live on. it's just too much for you to do."

So thanks to that I am doing just that. I am gonna set 3 tasks to complete and make sure they get done at least, then at anything else I find time for, including curing cancer, is a bonus. which Is nice.

So this is my first task off the list - Tomorrow tune in at my Twitter ( @Jamesalexandrou) for a live photo blog of my day.

Also Here is a film reccommendation for today - let me know what you think (look out for the late sometimes great Chris Penn in a standout performance.)

As Usual this is a random writing exercise with minimal editing so apologies for its latent disregard for correct English or structure...... LATERS!