Thursday, 15 October 2009

Coming up........

So, I been trying to come up with a solid reason to blog regularly. I have random passions that would suit for the occasional outburst of typing energy, and i think thats the best way to write these things, randomly and passionately.

To contradict myself, however, I think i have come up with a way in which I could sustain a constant flow of this stuff in my brain onto this here blog.

For the 2 or so years I felt I had a lot to prove. I was a soap actor. I was a young soap actor. I was paid generously. I worked a fuckload. I hadn't gone through the stage school/drama school system. I had a working class accent/background similar to that to EE.

I was angry, confused, confident and naive. And I knew it (see blog "why did you leave..."). I knew I had a lot to learn and set about in doing that. I enrolled In classes. I turned down all TV work. I felt by sticking to theatre I would gain a knowledge and credibility never before afforded me, and to a certain extent It did.

So this year I felt it was time that I tried a little return to TV work and again set about in implementing that. I auditioned for stuff. I auditioned badly for stuff. The baggage of soapland still I carried. Not that anyone else made me feel that, It was me.

Anyway, long story short, I let my head get in the way of my heart and consequently I had become a fucking shitty actor - I resorted to cheap tricks and not believing a thing I was doing. It's deadly for an actor.

Then I was awoken to a new way of acting. A new technique (for me) - The Meisner Technique.

Again long story short, I have my first TV job for a while coming up and am feeling quite neurotic about the whole thing and I thought It may be an interesting read for me to blog the process of working on a character.

So for the next little while I'll let you know whats going on and how I approach things, analyse a script, accent, physicality, preparations etc etc etc...

For now you can know that I am in the process of confirming the job and then we can all get started...



  1. I love the Meisner Technique. Takes a lot of work and dedication but well worth it!

    Good luck with the new role.

  2. Its great that u can be so honest and open about your acting abilities and concerns in relation. Good luck and look forward to reading the updates

  3. If nothing else, this entry proves you're a good writer, so if the acting doesn't work out, you could always turn to that. That said, from what I remember of 'Enders, you weren't bad at all. :)