Thursday, 5 November 2009

AH, fell at the first hurdle didnt i?

Been a hectic couple of weeks and would've been great to keep updated here on whats been going on as I think it would've served as an interesting insight into how these things work... or maybe it would've been boring. Will never know....
What I will do is give a summary. It will have to be over the weekend however as I am completley bloody shattered, despite having agreed to play 5 aside tonight with a Jewish league team (really should tell more about this - actually hilarious) maybe ill include some anecdotes on tonights farce of a game...

anyway, undecipherable as this is its all i got right now.

In the words of Russell Brand, Love you bye, love you bye.


  1. Fuck you - "farce"!

    You're the worst player on that pitch.

  2. "...despite having agreed to play 5 aside tonight with a Jewish league team"

    I didn't realize you were a member of my tribe:)

  3. Well "Steve" If you were at the first training sesh I think you would agree it was a bit of a farce. Last night was a lot better, no?

    GothamTomato - Alas, I am an honorary member. You lot all alright though...

  4. Bar an increase in stamina, nowt has changed, Greek - training was never a farce and you were never any good.

    "Will" just need to continue working on our fitness ...